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Full Release With A Price

Payton Hall sex therapist

Payton Hall is a skilled therapist in Myofascial release.  If you are not familiar with this term it is the basis for the core training trend.  Basically the idea is to build core strength so you don’t get knots in your body.  This is caused by trauma to tendons.  The human body needs to be in symmetry.  Every tendon has a buddy and if the buddy tendon has a trauma is causes a knot.  This know causes the complementary site to be stretched.  Which leads to more injuries.  So idea is to get rid of the knots be releasing the golgi tendon.  I’m not a doctor so I’m not the best at explaining it.  But trust me it is the best thing to prevent back pain.  The real issue here with a hottie like Payton do you want the therapeutic therapist or the sex theorist?

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Bust Between Her Boobs

Raquel Raxxx mean massage
Raquel Raxxx is fast becoming one of my personal favorites. I can’t find much about her. @msraquelraxxx if you want to follow her on twitter. She was born in Las Vegas or that is her hometown. She has some serious milf action going on. Maybe the adult actress gig is just a side thing for her. I also learned from Mean Massage that she is master masseuse and she will oblige like she did for Billy when he asked for a little extra or an upgraded service. They say her breasts are real but it’s kind of hard to believe. Look at this picture and you tell us. Don’t they look too round and perky to be real especially on someone who isn’t a teenager? They are listed as 38F cup which looks like it could be about right. If you find her any place other than this site and the Tug Pass network please let us know.

Post Orgasm Agony

Charlee Chase rubs off Kyle

You might be familiar with Charlee Chase. Here she is featured in Post Orgasm Agony. So the question we are asking is what kind of Agony could you possible have after an orgasm and what kind of agony could you have after a session with Charlee? We could understand if she left you begging to climax but that is not the case here. So we watched. The guy was so hard that as soon as she noticed and grabbed his penis he blew his top instantly. And was still hard. What he really needed was a double session. Can’t say we blame Kyle we might need multiple sessions with a goddess like Charlee Chase.

Pumped Then Bashed

Amber and her best friend think they have the best massage skills on the planet so they tested them out on Calvin.  This lucky stud gets to evaluate their skills.  With so much on the line they couldn’t help but give him a treatment he would never forget. It could have been their skills or could be their curvy bodies.  Take one look at the size of these melons.  These are seriously large.  Most women who go out and get boob jobs don’t even get them this large.  That’s one short and stacked blonde amateur.  And let me tell you the video is awesome.  If you like big tits you are going to have to see it for yourself.

My Game My Rules

Gina West in My Game, My Rules.

Gina West in My Game, My Rules. This guy got the massage of his life. What he wasn’t ready for was to get tied down. and we mean some serious FEMDOM style with tape and rope. He got his balls tied down with rope and his body taped to the massage table. Then Gina started tugging on his pecker. It might not be the biggest pecker we have ever seen but she sure enjoyed getting him off and having complete control over him. His hard thick cock even shot a nice load of cum. Look the thick stuff all over his shaft and the smile on her face.